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This website shows how eLearning can help cycling.
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Adventure Cycling

Adventure Cycling is my favorite cycling organization, and this video is about my favorite cycling route–the TransAm.

Lee Craigie

Lee Craigie of the Adventure Syndicate shares her short film about cycling the Caledonia Way in Scotland.

Jedidiah Jenkins

Jedidiah Jenkins quit his job and decided to bike from Oregon to the southern tip of South America. His best friend, filmmaker Kenny Laubbacher, came along for the ride.


to plan longer rides
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Cycling Zoom Calls

When it’s too cold to cycle, as much, I host zoom calls where a cyclists shares lessons and stories. Some of the best are below.

  • Lin Bruce: Lin has toured over 25,000 miles since turning 60. Her presentation has at least as much energy than her cycling.
  • Dorian Grilly: Dorian is the Executive Director of BikeMN. He’s helping many Minnesota cities make cycling easier.
  • Creating a Bike Route: Three cyclists describe how to make your first bike route.
  • Sierra Jockisch: Sierra cycled across the US with a group while building homes for Habitat for Humanity.
Bike Repair Videos

Park Tool: Few companies are as respected for bike tools as Park Tool. They also make great videos about bike repair.

Global Cycle Network (GCN): GCN also make great videos for fixing bikes, with an international touch.


to learn with interactive lessons

Online Bike Tour

This interactive website introduces cyclists to bike touring. It includes a pre-test, 3 lessons, and a branching simulation where learners apply what they learned.

Smart Phone App

Online lesson for cyclists that shows them how to be safer by making decisions about real-world situations. The lesson uses responsive HTML, so it can be viewed on computers or mobile devices.

Online Lessons

I’ve set up a few online lessons in a Learning Management System (LMS), called Moodle.

About Me

I enjoy working with many parts of eLearning, as this page shows. If you are interested, I have a blog post describing more about me.

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